Cloud infrastructure enables cloud computing, which means using services over the internet, or “the cloud”. Compared to traditional in-house datacentres, cloud infrastructure has a lot to offer, greatly improving speed, flexibility and reliability during day-to-day operations. Cloud services also provide a highly reliable way of backing up data, making business contingency and disaster recovery planning a far simpler task.

Learn more about how cloud infrastructure can support your business operations and explore the top reasons to focus on cloud-based services.

Top Reasons to Move Your Business to Cloud Infrastructure

Cost Savings

Cloud computing delivers services through the internet so there are many cost savings to be made as you will not need to install and run expensive datacentres on site. The datacentre servers themselves come at a high initial cost, plus there is the added expense of installation, maintenance and electricity to keep equipment running. With cloud computing, you only pay for what you need, when you need it, and there are no installation or running costs.

Agility and Flexibility

In the age of remote working and working from home, flexible computing infrastructure is essential. Cloud infrastructure supports business operations because employees can connect to it from anywhere, accessing essential data and facilities from the office, from home, or from anywhere else. This also gives you the flexibility to scale operations as required – additional cloud storage and features can be made available when needed through a self-service, on demand model. This is far simpler than installing additional servers, allowing you to meet business needs and accommodate growth in real time.  


Switching to cloud-based IT infrastructure takes the stress out of data backups and disaster recovery planning. Backups will be available any time, anywhere via the cloud so data will not be permanently lost in the event of a malfunction, giving you the reliable solution you need when it comes to your most important assets and information.  

Data Security

Moving to the cloud gives you far greater control over data security. If, for example, hardware such as laptops and computers are stolen, you can control access to information remotely, helping to prevent data breaches. Just be mindful of the fact that cloud providers have individual policies and controls in place for data security. For the most part, these will offer you an excellent degree of reliability and security but be sure to review all policies thoroughly.

Speed and Performance

Cloud services are run from advanced, highly secure remote datacentres that can offer speed and efficiency – downtime and network latency are kept to a minimum. As long as you have a reliable high-speed internet connection, you can experience greatly improved performance compared to relying on an in-house datacentre alone.

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