We know that your company’s IT support is an essential pillar of your business, but for many companies they’re often pulled into other areas or don’t have the resource to provide on-demand support for your team. Outsourcing your IT team can be an easy answer, but they don’t always meet your expectations. That’s where Syntec come in.

Why should you switch IT Support Supplier?

By outsourcing to IT support providers such as Syntec, you’ll receive helpful recommendations and solutions for your computer users and devices. Meaning you don’t need to find time or nab additional resources from another area of your business.

If you’re nervous about moving providers, don’t be. Here at Syntec we manage a smooth and simple switch, supporting you at every step of the way. To get you started, we’ve listed the 4 key factors you should consider when deciding whether to move.

  1. Look at your existing supplier

Sometimes companies stick with their current supplier out of familiarity or loyalty, but if they’re not meeting your expectations this’ll have a negative impact of your day-to-day and long-term functioning. Start by looking at how they’re currently performing: how much are they costing for their service vs the problems they resolve, and what are the levels of system downtime? But ultimately, it comes down to whether you trust them to support your team when you need them. If not, then now would be the time to switch to a more reliable partner.

  1. Do your research

With so many IT support companies out there offering multiple services, it’s hard to determine which is the best match for you. Take some time to note down what your requirements are and ensure you look for those services — anything else is a bonus. Consider your budget too, if you’re tight on available funds then prioritise your requirements and find a company who can meet these as a minimum.

  1. Clearly set out what you need

Whether it’s access to the latest technology or software, reducing staff costs or freeing up resource, you need to be direct with what you want from your IT support. By setting your standards from the start, everyone knows what’s required and risks are minimised.

  1. Review your existing IT support contract

Before you switch, check the terms and conditions on your existing IT support contract. If you think there’s no way out, don’t panic, there’s always a solution. Syntec can provide the support and guidance you need even if you can’t get out of your contract straight away. Our ‘top-up’ arrangement means you can get expert advice from our friendly team whilst your current contract finishes up.

Tell us what you need

We’ve already helped numerous companies find a more cost-effect and beneficial option and we can do that for you too. If you want to discuss your options, simply get in touch.