Exclaimer is a recognised category leader in email signature solutions.

As an Exclaimer Partner, we offer solutions enabled for companies to manage their employees’ email signatures centrally and deliver consistent branding and promotions while cutting admin overheads. Compatible with Windows, Mac and mobiles, we can ensure that all of our users email signatures are consistent and professional through an easy to use platform.

Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud

From £0.75per user/per month
  • Design and manage corporate email signatures using an intuitive drag-and-drop designer to easily create consistently branded signature templates.
  • Use contact information taken from your user directory so that accurate details are included in every signature template.
  • Assign email signatures to certain groups or users based on the needs of your organization.
  • Target different audiences with specific email signature templates based on a recipient’s email address.

Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

From £1.70per user/per month
  • All the functionality of Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud plus:
  • Select multiple promotional banners for each email signature design, which can be rotated so important messaging remains ever-present.
  • Track the success of your email signature templates with an analytics dashboard containing important metrics such as impressions and clicks.

Harnessing the power of Exclaimer

Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud is an easy way to eliminate the burden of email signature updates for individual users, and allows you to simultaneously update and maintain your organisations signatures. This allows your organisation to create new opportunities by promoting messages, engaging across social media, sharing awards, and establishing your brand’s personality. This means you can finally take full advantage of the opportunity the real estate within emails represents.

Your Exclaimer partner

As an Exclaimer Partner, we have the knowledge, skill and experience you need to fine-tune your Exchange services to your exact needs.

At Syntec, we offer fully supported Exclaimer services, so you can realise the commercial and optimisation benefits of introducing Exclaimer to your business. Providing an easy to use platform to reduce the amount of time wasted on mundane admin tasks

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