In 2022, working from home is becoming a lot more common, with the number of hybrid workers rising by 10% in the past year. It is not only important to have the suitable equipment, but is also important to make sure that your security is maintained throughout your business’ IT.

According to new research from ESET, 80% of businesses worldwide are confident their home-working employees have the knowledge and technology needed to handle cyber threats to company finances.

While many businesses expressed confidence in the face of cyber threats, the same research also showed that 73% of these businesses also think they are likely to be impacted by a cybersecurity incident, and 50% said they had experienced a cybersecurity breach in the past. Could businesses be overestimating how safe their employees are?

It is no secret that since the COVID-19 lockdowns began, we have seen a significant increase in cybercrime targeting remote workers. COVID-19 has created a range of opportunities for cybercrime to take place, with the panic around the coronavirus and the uncertainty caused by the rapid transition to remote work setups affording malicious actors a greater chance of success in their attacks on individuals and organisations.

It is crucial that every member of staff is proactive in making sure that their devices and files are secure, and in order for this to happen they must be made aware of the dangers that can be caused by behaviours such as using an insecure connection or device, indiscriminately clicking on links, or visiting risky websites.

With that being said, the internet can be a dangerous place, and threats can be difficult to keep track of. As a result, it is more vital than ever to have trustworthy, reliable security software to protect your business. To find out about ESET’s solutions for businesses, head over to our website for more information.

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