Since Covid-19, working from home has become a desirable option for employees. As an employer, you, therefore, need to offer a high-end and effective hybrid process. Not only to support your existing team but to attract new talent too.

IT and technology are not everyone’s strengths, and many organisations believe working from home simply involves handing their team a laptop and connecting to the internet. There’s a lot more to effective hybrid working, including accessing vital resources and protecting sensitive data.

If you’re serious about supporting your team at home, a small investment in your IT infrastructure now will have big rewards for your business later on. However, we understand many business owners may not have the time or resources to implement these changes. This is when Syntec’s IT services and our guide to the best remote working tools can help.

Essential tools for effective remote working

IT Support When You Need It

First of all, for your team to productively work from home, they’ll require the relevant equipment to achieve their job. Our expertise offers simple solutions to upgrade your current networks and procure the right hardware to connect your systems.

Remote working often means you’re working alone. So, if there’s a problem, you need to know whom to contact. Our remote IT support and monitoring provides a dedicated support line to resolve IT issues, from locked laptops to suspect emails. With no need to disturb managers or hinder workloads.

Collaborative Working with Cloud Solutions

By moving software online, you instantly reduce the costs of IT hardware and improve your remote working processes. Cloud services such as Microsoft 365 or Microsoft SharePoint allow users to access multiple applications including emails, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and shared drives to easily collaborate and communicate, increasing productivity. It also helps create an inclusive working environment despite working from different locations.

Keeping your business, customers and staff safe

Installing active cyber-security and anti-virus software is essential to any business, especially for remote workers. IT systems which allow hybrid working should include 2-factor authentication, encryption, Firewalls and remote desktop connection (RDC) to protect themselves as well as confidential data. It’ll also allow your team to safely and securely access and share documents from internal sources.

Guaranteed Data Backup

Accidents happen, no matter where you’re working. An appropriate backup and disaster recovery service can cover on-site, cloud and at-home workers, to ensure your team’s work, as well as important documents, are stored securely.

Use an experienced IT supplier

Here at Syntec, along with the key tools above, we provide IT services to effectively install remote working for your team. Our range of packages offers an affordable solution which contributes to the further growth of your business. We’ve developed trusted relationships with core partners such as Dell, HP, Cisco, Microsoft and Adobe, meaning you’ll have the best software, equipment and support team working with you.

For expert, IT support and services for remote working, contact our team.

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