Seamless IT Transformation: How Syntec Enabled a Warehousing and Logistics Company to Move and Upgrade Their IT Infrastructure Without Disrupting Business Operations.

LTS Global Solutions, a specialist in logistics, transport and shipping Company, required a move to a newly built and significantly larger warehousing facility, allowing for upcoming business growth. They approached Syntec to upgrade their IT systems and provide a comprehensive IT solution that could meet their current and future needs. Syntec assessed the Company’s needs, providing face to face consultancy throughout the final stages of the new warehouse build, proposing and project managing a solution that included site wide structured network cabling, primary and sub comms cabinet installations and full coverage wireless throughout the warehouse, office, and outdoor areas.

Overcoming the IT Challenge: How Syntec Upgraded the Infrastructure of a Warehousing and Logistics Company Without Disrupting Business Operations.

The main challenge for Syntec was to implement the new IT infrastructure without disrupting LTS’s day-to-day operations. The Company was in the process of moving to the new warehouse, and Syntec had to ensure that the new IT infrastructure was up and running before the move.

Syntec developed a comprehensive plan that included the installation of the new IT infrastructure in phases. The first phase involved installing the full coverage wireless network and structured network cabling throughout the warehouse, office, and outdoor areas. This was done prior to the new warehouse becoming operational and once completed, allowed LTS to start transferring stock between their locations in stages. The second phase involved a planned migration of the office IT and central server room equipment, this was completed outside of working hours in order to avoid disrupting LTS’s operations.

Results for LTS Global Solutions

Syntec successfully installed a comprehensive IT solution that met the Company’s current and future needs. The new IT infrastructure was secure, reliable, and scalable. The full coverage wireless network provides seamless connectivity throughout the warehouse, office, and outdoor areas.

LTS was able to move to the new warehouse without any disruption to its day-to-day operations. Syntec’s phased approach to the installation and the extensive testing and configuration ensured that the new system was up and running smoothly before the move.

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Case study on the new warehouse move for LTS Global Solutions. Service area: Birmingham, West Midlands.

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