Collaborating for Connectivity: How Syntec and a Local Telecom Firm Delivered Networking Solutions to Local Businesses

Barton Telecom, a local telecommunications business, reached out to Syntec to collaborate on the installation of Wi-Fi and secure networking solutions for several local businesses. The telecommunications firm provides telecommunications services, including telephone and internet services, and has a large customer base of local businesses.

The collaboration between Syntec and Barton Telecom enabled the two businesses to combine their respective expertise and provide comprehensive IT solutions to their end customers. Syntec provided the networking infrastructure and security solutions, while Barton Telecom provided the internet connectivity and any required VoIP telephone solutions.

Case Study: Working Together To Deliver

Syntec and Barton Telecom collaborated on the installation of Wi-Fi and secure networking solutions for a range of local businesses, including a nursery, care home and warehousing business.

The nursery and care homes required a reliable and secure Wi-Fi network for its staff, while the warehouse needed a wireless network to support its RF scanner systems and other business operations.

Syntec worked closely with Barton Telecom to design and implement network solutions that would meet the needs of the respective businesses. This included configuring a range of networking equipment, including switches, routers, and wireless access points, to reliably connect the various operating areas. Syntec also implemented a range of security solutions, including firewalls, and intrusion prevention systems, to protect the network from cyber threats.

Barton Telecom provided the internet connection for each of the businesses and worked closely with Syntec to ensure that the network was configured correctly and that it was operating at peak performance.

The Results

The collaboration between Syntec and Barton Telecom resulted in the successful deployment of secure and reliable networks for each of the businesses. The networks have enabled each customer to perform their respective operations more efficiently.

By working together, this allowed for a seamless service delivery to the customers by combining their respective expertise.

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Case study on the network installation collaboration with Barton Telecom. Service area: Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

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