Automating Project Tracking with SharePoint Development

Church Growth Trust is a charitable organisation who reached out to Syntec to assist with their data management and process needs, they faced the challenge of managing numerous projects simultaneously, leading to manual data entry, inefficient processes, and the risk of potential errors. To streamline their operations and save valuable time, Church Growth Trust sought the expertise of Syntec and their SharePoint development solutions.

Their Challenge

Church Growth Trust struggled with the burden of manually updating SharePoint lists to track the status of their projects and milestones, which proved to be time-consuming and prone to inaccuracies. Their team was in need of an automated solution that could seamlessly capture data from their Project Online projects and update the respective SharePoint lists without any manual intervention.

Our Solution

Syntec collaborated closely with Church Growth Trust to analyse their requirements and design tailored SharePoint development solutions to address their challenges effectively. We implemented two significant projects leveraging Microsoft 365 Power Automate:

  1. Automated Project Status Updates: To eliminate manual data entry and ensure real-time project tracking, we designed a SharePoint development solution that automated the updating of a SharePoint list with the status of Church Growth Trust’s projects. By integrating Microsoft 365 Power Automate with their Project Online projects, data was automatically captured and synchronised with the SharePoint list. This not only saved significant staff time spent on data entry but also ensured accurate and up-to-date project information at all times.
  2. Streamlined Project Milestone Tracking: Church Growth Trust faced difficulties in tracking project milestones across their various Project Online projects. Our SharePoint development team stepped in to design a seamless process that extracted milestone data from individual Project Online projects and updated a top-level SharePoint list with the relevant information. This consolidated view of milestones provided their team with a comprehensive overview of project progress and ensured that no crucial dates were missed.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of our SharePoint development solutions brought about remarkable improvements for Church Growth Trust.

Time and Cost Savings

Automation through Microsoft 365 Power Automate drastically reduced manual data entry efforts, saving valuable staff hours and reducing operational costs.

Enhanced Accuracy

By eliminating manual data entry, the risk of errors and discrepancies in project information was virtually eliminated, ensuring data integrity and better decision-making.

Streamlined Processes

The automated workflows streamlined project tracking and milestone updates, enhancing overall project management efficiency and enabling better resource allocation.

Real-time Insights

With up-to-date project status and milestones readily available in SharePoint, Church Growth Trust’s team gained immediate access to actionable insights for timely project interventions and progress evaluations.

Conclusion for Church Growth Trust

Our partnership with Church Growth Trust demonstrated the potential of SharePoint development and Microsoft 365 Power Automate in revolutionising project management processes. By eliminating manual data entry, streamlining workflows, and ensuring real-time updates, we empowered Church Growth Trust to focus more on their core mission while maximising efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

At Syntec, we take pride in delivering tailored SharePoint solutions that cater to our clients’ specific needs. Whether you are a non-profit organization, a commercial enterprise, or a government entity, our expert SharePoint developers can help you achieve seamless automation, streamlined processes, and significant time savings. Contact us today to learn how we can optimise your business operations with our SharePoint development services.

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Case study on the process automation and SharePoint development for Church Growth Trust. Service area: Seaton, Leicestershire.

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