Multi-Site Networking and Conferencing Solutions for Listed Status Rural Barn Offices

We recently worked with Church Growth Trust, a rural based charity that had expanded its operations to include another converted barn office across the road. With the challenge of preserving the listed status and the aesthetic integrity of the barns, our team successfully delivered a comprehensive solution that incorporated network cabling, desk and meeting room installations, conference facilities, and a reliable wireless link between the two sites. This case study highlights the requirements and the tailored solution we provided.

Client Requirements:

  1. Installation of network cabling to connect offices and ensure seamless communication.
  2. Installation of wall mounted network ports for individual desks and the meeting room table.
  3. Implementation of conference facilities for the meeting room.
  4. Establishment of a high-speed, secure and reliable wireless link between the two sites.
  5. Customisation of equipment colours to blend with the barns’ exterior detail and decoration.

Our Solution:

Network Cabling and Wall Mounted Ports:

  1. Conducted a thorough site assessment to determine the optimal cabling routes, considering the listed status and preservation of exterior and interior aesthetics.
  2. Carefully installed network cabling using techniques that minimised the impact on the building structure and appearance.
  3. Placed network ports strategically to ensure comprehensive coverage throughout the office space.

Conference Facilities:

  1. Collaborated with the client to understand their specific requirements for the meeting room, such as video conferencing and presentation capabilities.
  2. Installed a tailored solution for their video conferencing systems and high-quality display, enabling efficient communication and collaboration during meetings.

Wireless Link:

  1. Utilized advanced wireless technology to establish a high-speed, reliable link between the two office locations, ensuring seamless connectivity.
  2. Conducted a thorough wireless survey to identify potential interference sources and optimise signal strength and coverage.
  3. Implemented appropriate security measures, such as encryption and access controls, to safeguard the wireless network.

Customisation and Aesthetic Considerations:

    1. Worked closely with the client to select equipment that could be customised to match the barns’ exterior detail and decoration.
    2. Coordinated to modify the colours of devices, ensuring they seamlessly blended with the surroundings while maintaining their functionality and performance.

Conclusion for Church Growth Trust

Our team successfully met the unique requirements of Church Growth Trust, a rural based charity operating in converted listed status barns. By implementing an innovative and tailored solution, we delivered a seamless networking infrastructure, customised equipment colours, and reliable wireless connectivity between the two office locations. Our approach ensured minimal disruption to the building’s exterior appearance while providing the necessary technological capabilities for enhanced productivity and collaboration.

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Case study on the rural multi-site connectivity and office networking and conference solution for Church Growth Trust. Service area: Seaton, Leicestershire.

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