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Base Group are a vertically integrated business providing high value technical products and services to aid the manufacture of light weight composite components. Through their advanced materials and engineering divisions, they provide their clients with integrity, flexibility, innovation, continuous operational improvement, and uncompromised quality.

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Base's Requirements

With in-excess of 30 users and four buildings, Base Group’s IT infrastructure was dated and in need of a complete overhaul. They were experiencing poor performance and service instability, decreasing their user productivity and impacting their manufacturing operations. Base Group are a rapidly growing organisation, they require a proactive approach to their IT recommendation, ensuring every solution recommended will grow and adapt with the companies varying IT requirement.

Our Solution

Syntec continues to work with Base Group. So far solely managing the recommendation and implementation of a new virtualised server environment running the latest Windows Server operating system, migrating the existing on-site email server to a redundant cloud based platform, a complete upgrade of the network infrastructure to Cisco technology, fibre cable linking their multiple buildings and a fibre to the premises uplink for high performance internet connectivity.

Various forms of redundancy have now been implemented, including active/passive power uplinks to the servers and critical devices, a ring stacked fibre network, active/passive internet connectivity automated failover, and critical communication systems migrated to a managed cloud server environment. A terminal server through VPN has been deployed for remote staff and contractors, ensuring stable and high performance access to data and systems, whilst maintaining control of data flow within the organisation.

Deployment of a Windows Terminal Server and Cisco VPN for remote staff and contractors.

Site to site secure VPN tunnel to link Leicester and Birmingham offices.

Data flow control and security by restricting removable devices, internet and remote access.

Migration of email to cloud exchange platform.

Installation of virtualised server environment.

“Syntec have been excellent in providing a dedicated IT support solution for our business. Mark and his team offer (and more importantly actually provide) a 1st class professional service in all aspects of IT support.”

“They are knowledgeable, efficient and always up-to-date with the latest industry information. Syntec manage and support our entire IT infrastructure, they have redesigned our network and made significant improvements in the last 12 months which has resulted in a faster and more reliable network. Syntec have taken the time to learn and understand about our business and critical processes, ensuring they identify and resolve issues before it impacts on our business.”

“The team are passionate and knowledgeable about what they do, we would thoroughly recommend them to anyone. We consider them a part of our team and not a contractor”.

Ahlame Taha – Base Group Ltd

18-20, Ashville Trading Estate, Ashville Way, Whetstone, Leicester LE8 6NU

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