How can working from home benefit your business in 2022?


Huge financial savings

Owning a business certainly comes with lots of overheads that can weigh your company down throughout the year. Utilising the tools that allow your business the freedom to work remotely, a lot of these aspects and costs can be eliminated from your everyday expenses. Some examples of this could be:

  • Office Rent
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Continuity of operations within the office

All of these day-to-day office operational costs can be eliminated and utilised through allowing your employees to work from home using ‘Cloud IT Solutions’. Taking advantage of this can also save you £100’s or if not £1,000s per year and allow you to re-invest this back into your staff and business.


Employee Satisfaction

Not only are there huge financial gains to be made for your business, but there are also plenty to be benefited from by your employees. Some examples of this could be:

  • Improved work/life balance
  • Reduced commuting time, as well as savings on transportation
  • Flexible hours
  • Better efficiency

All these points can allow your employees to not only benefit from the modern way of working, but to also gain a more flexible life outside of the workplace. This will also assist you in building trust and a stronger relationship with your employees, allowing a stronger and more vigilant team.


More Efficiency & Productivity

With the mundane tasks eliminated from your old office working life, this allows your employees to enjoy a much more balanced lifestyle, as well as working in a much more efficient way during the working hours of each day.

Working remotely allows you to not only offer the opportunity to work from whatever location your employee desires, but it can also allow them to work at convenient times for them. This modern way of working has proven extremely successful across a vast range of companies and with 97% of staff who desire some form of hybrid work; this can really make your company stand out when recruiting for your next team member.


Improved Technologies

Deciding to move to an online/remote based work system allows you to not only gain the financial benefit that it has to offer but will also future proof your business with the technology that is required to assist you with this venture. Being able to utilise programs such as Microsoft 365 can provide you with some of the most convenient and high-quality programs allowing you and your staff to work so much more efficiently as a team.

With systems such as remote access servers, online documents, easy team chat functions and even hosted phone systems, you will never look back on what used to be your standard company processes.

Syntec deliver a number of cloud services and solutions to make your move to the cloud as simple as possible, whether you want to discover the benefits of complete cloud usage or wish to integrate just a small proportion of your existing infrastructure, we are able to assist you on your next venture.

To discover more, and find out how we can help you with your next step, contact us today.