Your companies data may be in-valuable. Protect your data with our stringent back-up solutions.

Data loss can have a devastating effect on businesses of all sizes and niches. In fact, some 70% of small businesses that experience major data loss go out of business within 12 months. Don’t let your business become another data loss statistic, find out more about our bespoke backup solutions.

Our backup services provide the secure and planned data backup that our clients need to safeguard their business against data loss and failure. Data backup should form an essential part of every business’ disaster recovery and security strategies, and we’re here to assist with the latest advice and support.

Server Backups

Online & On-Premise
£0.10/GBStarting price per month
  • Powerful Veeam powered backups of your on-premise computers and servers, configured by our team and proactively monitored daily to ensure successful data backup to both on-premise and online medium.

Microsoft 365 Backups

for Email and Files
  • Enabling a second layer of protection for data stored within Microsoft 365's cloud environment. Our Microsoft 365 backup services ensure your data is protected and available for recovery independent of Microsoft 365.

Disaster Recovery

Continuous Server Replication
£49Starting price per server per month
  • Our server replication services enables fast recovery from a total outage much quicker than other backup methods. We support on-premise and online server replication, utilising either your disaster recovery location or our own.

Protecting your business against risk

With years of experience in delivering a selection of backup and continuity services, we have helped countless companies protect their businesses from risk. Thanks to our expertise in consultancy, design, planning, deployment, training, monitoring and ongoing support, our time served technicians are able to provide a complete backup service that doesn’t just meet but exceeds expectations.

Bespoke data backup solutions

Our data backup service leaves you covered for every eventuality. With experience providing backup services to businesses serving a multitude of industries, you can rest assured that your IT infrastructure is in safe hands. We use a mix of traditional and cloud-based IT to deliver solutions for the most diverse requirements.

Data Backup FAQs

Data backup is the process of copying data over to another storage source. This is done to prevent data loss, ensuring that important data is saved securely in more than one place. For additional security, data can be backed up to a cloud-based platform to avoid a hardware malfunction.

Data backup is important to ensure essential information can be recovered in the event of an emergency or malfunction, such as a software failure, data corruption or malicious attack. Data backups take place as part of a business’ disaster recovery plan or business continuity strategy.

Important data should be backed up regularly – at least once a week, but preferably every day for the most essential data. Backups do not need to be time consuming, particularly if you outsource your IT and data maintenance. Backups can easily be built into everyday processes.

We offer a vast range of services with regards to data backup, as a guide, we can offer a secure and efficient data backup for as low as £0.10 per GB per month.

We will always make the recommendation of backing up all of your data, as we are aware of the destruction that can be caused if a disaster was to occur, however, all of the files that you’ve created and/or modified should be regularly backed up. For many businesses, this includes everything from accounting files through email.

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