How to adopt Microsoft 365 within your workplace

The cloud offers many opportunities for businesses to improve their operations, become more agile and drive efficiency. Adopting the Microsoft 365 productivity suite can simplify and automate critical business processes and enable real-time collaboration, especially when SharePoint is connected.

Building a hub for successful team collaboration

Microsoft 365 is the collective name for a range of popular applications offered to businesses. Familiar programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint have been improved with additional features. Microsoft 365 AI helps organisations of all sizes reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, helping you achieve more every day.

SharePoint can play a pivotal role in maximising productivity and collaboration for hybrid and remote teams, powering secure file sharing in Microsoft 365. Designed to be robust and secure, SharePoint allows businesses to specify who can access what content and when – ensuring decision-makers have complete control over security and compliance.

How will a SharePoint and Office 365 implementation help your business grow?

  • Easily share files, transmit data, track information, manage documents and work on group projects without delays.
  • Streamline repetitive tasks and outdated paperless processes with Microsoft Power Automate
  • Build a more productive workforce by driving efficiency and profitability.
  • Get a complete view of what’s happening in your organisation with the help of SharePoint reporting and analytics.
  • Ensure that everyone is on the same page with SharePoint intranet features, such as news, document templates, employee benefits, policies, wikis, FAQs, blogs and learning materials.
  • Take full advantage of intelligent search features, finding the correct information faster.
  • Does SharePoint also integrate with Microsoft Teams?

Teams is already one of Microsoft’s fastest-growing products for businesses. The number of daily active users reported to have almost doubled in 2021 as more enterprises adapted to create remote or hybrid work environments. Fortunately, every Teams channel has a SharePoint team site. Therefore, every file stored in a channel can be automatically added to the SharePoint site. This makes it easy to keep track of all the documents your team are working on and quickly revert back to older versions if needed.

Step up security and safeguard sensitive data

Security is a significant concern for the modern-day business but making SharePoint part of your Microsoft 365 adoption allows you to monitor user behaviour easily, ensure compliance with internal policies and minimise risks of leaks and attacks across multiple systems.

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