Outsourcing to an experienced IT support provider is a particularly popular choice for businesses across the country. The use of outsourced IT support services is on the up as businesses look to reduce staff costs, tackle skills shortages, avoid recruitment issues, increase productivity, and apply the latest and greatest technology in-house. Unfortunately, not all IT support services were created equal. We’ve heard many horror stories relating to the use of other outsourced IT support services, a widespread issue that sees us regularly helping countless commercial clients switch to an IT service they can trust.

Knowing the warning signs that say it’s time to change your IT support provider is of course key. Read on to discover five of these tell-tale signs and how switching to a comprehensive IT support service like ours may not be as difficult as you think.

The ‘support’ part is lacking

IT support should be exactly that. Don’t let your IT provider fob you off with excuses for why they haven’t responded to your enquiry over the phone or why they can’t visit you on-site. Your outsourced IT service should be supportive around the clock. Your IT support provider should, after all, be a partner that you can rely on, whether you’re facing an IT emergency or want to improve your infrastructure for better operation.

You only talk when disaster strikes

Your chosen IT provider shouldn’t just offer a reactive service, fixing issues quickly and efficiently as and when they occur. The best IT support companies deliver a proactive system, giving you access to the most up-to-date tools, techniques, technology and guidance to grow your business IT systems from within.

Outages and downtime are regular occurrences

Whilst guarantees of 99% uptime may have won you over, whether or not a company can deliver on this promise is another matter. No company receiving professional IT support should accept persistent unplanned outages and downtime. These equate to real costs for your business, causing not just financial issues but difficult to repair reputational damage.

The same problems are becoming issues

It’s not just long periods of downtime that become issues for companies being assisted by unsupportive IT providers. Repeat issues are also common. No one should pay the price for unhelpful and inexperienced support staff.

They don’t go above and beyond

Only just meeting the terms of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) isn’t what IT support should be about. Your chosen IT provider should go above and beyond to strengthen your IT systems from the ground up and keep improving them. The right IT support provider will unlock excellent value and make a variety of big benefits possible for your business. Make sure the IT support provider you choose works wonders for you.

Switching your IT support provider can be simple and seamless with the right help. Even if you’re stuck in a contract, our team can assist you. Get in touch with our professionals today for advice.

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