With almost half of all UK businesses suffering a cyber-attack or security breach in 2017, cyber security should be on every company’s agenda. The online world is after all a wonderful place to do business, unlocking numerous opportunities across all niches. But for every reward that comes with trading online, there’s a risk. Fraudsters and cybercriminals don’t make living a carefree corporate life online easy, which means many organisations are taking matters into their own hands to protect themselves from cyber-attack.

Every company, regardless of its size or the industry that it serves, needs a cyber security policy. The security of your business technology is imperative to the success of your organisation. As well as delivering better operational efficiency for your wider company, a well-written and well-executed cyber security policy ensures you have the procedures in place to prevent cybercriminals and fraudsters from exploiting the people, processes and technology that are essential to your company. Prevention and better handling of breaches ensures your employees, shareholders and customers have confidence in the way you do business, unlocking a variety of reputation- and business-boosting benefits.

Now we know the advantages of having a cyber security policy for your business, how can you get started? Read on to discover our top tips for writing a comprehensive security policy that works for your company.

Understand the landscape

Every company’s IT infrastructure is different, which means you can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach when developing a cyber security policy that protects it. Getting to know your IT infrastructure inside out is essential to your cyber security policy’s success. Your policy should align with your business’ unique security requirements to ensure maximum protection and minimal disruption.

Know what to include

Whilst every cyber security policy we help to develop is tailor-made to the company’s requirements, knowing what to include ensures you leave no stone unturned when searching for the highest level of protection for your company, its staff and its customers. Backup, disaster recovery, encryption and data storage should all be covered in your policy to guarantee a balanced and comprehensive cyber security strategy.

It’s not just information on these various aspects of cyber security that needs to be included in detail. How your cyber security plan will be communicated and enforced must also be described in depth to ensure your employees and other key parties, such as your IT support provider, are aware of exactly what they should and shouldn’t be doing to support your policies. Providing additional training to staff is recommended, particularly as employees are deemed the biggest cyber security threat inside an organisation.

The process doesn’t end there

New tools and techniques are being forged on a daily basis by the fraudsters and cybercriminals looking to infiltrate your IT infrastructure, which makes boosting your defences in line with the latest developments important. Reviewing and updating your policy on a regular basis should be a part of your operations. During the review and update process, the policies that aren’t working can be analysed and altered, whilst new technology can be used to provide better protection.

You don’t have to write your cyber security policy alone. Call on our team today for assistance and become one step closer to a better protected, cyber-savvy business.

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