Can I change my IT Support Provider if I’m still in contract?

As a business owner, your company’s IT system is likely to be a vital part of your wider infrastructure. It’s not just investing in the best IT hardware and software that’s important when bolstering the business-focussed technology that helps you deliver the highest quality service to your own customers. The support and guidance you call upon to fine-tune your IT operations is also essential, a fact that means one debate always tends to rage on.

The benefits of outsourcing your IT support and hiring professionals in-house are always carefully analysed by business owners. With enhanced control over IT costs, reduced labour expenses, increased efficiency, and better access to the highest trained, most experienced experts, outsourcing generally always comes out on top. For companies who have decided that outsourcing is right for them and found an IT support provider to deliver such services, surely there’s nothing left to do, right? Unfortunately, many organisations have bad experiences with outsourced support providers, and with iron clad contracts in tow you may think there’s nowhere to turn to improve the IT services your company is currently receiving.

Identifying issues with your IT support provider is easy and getting the help you need to switch is possible. Read on to discover how you can make a smooth and seamless transition to a more supportive IT service provider.

Time to change?

Knowing the warning signs that your current IT support provider isn’t delivering all they promise is crucial. Many use confusing jargon to throw their clients off the scent of bad service. A lack of proactiveness is the first thing to look out for. A good IT support provider will make sure your business’ technology is working without disruption, not just amend issues as and when they arise. Routine monitoring is an integral part of the puzzle, and if it isn’t, it may be time to look elsewhere.

Recurring issues that prevent your wider company from operating as it should do are another warning sign. Whilst an IT provider that has no understanding of, or makes no effort to understand, your business needs doesn’t represent value for your business. Your IT support provider should essentially not just be there for you now. They should provide a complete service that delivers solutions for your business in the future, whatever it brings.

Need help with the switch?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not as difficult and disruptive as you think to switch IT support providers. We use a tried and tested process to take prospective clients from their current provider to our transparent, professional and experience-based service as cost effectively, efficiently and painlessly as possible. We work with you direct to determine the best exit route as well as cater to your unique support needs as your existing contract is being brought to an end.

For further advice on switching your IT support provider, even if you’re stuck in a contract, please contact our dedicated team today.

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