As your outsourced IT department, we’re no stranger to shouting about the benefits that great IT support unlocks. IT support after all has the power to protect companies big and small from cyber-attacks and other crime. It also allows businesses to take a proactive, not just reactive, approach to managing their IT infrastructures, giving them the guidance and help they require to adapt their system to their changing corporate needs. Data storage, management and security are all made a breeze thanks to IT support, but if your current provider isn’t delivering these advantages on your behalf, you don’t have to ‘put up and shut up’!

Switching IT support providers is simpler than you think, so is it time to swap your IT support provider for a better alternative? Read on to discover the five signs that say it’s time to switch.

  1. They’re not future proofing your infrastructure

As we mentioned great IT support isn’t just reacting to and resolving problems as they occur. A good IT support provider is with you for the long haul and will work hard to prepare your business and its infrastructure for improved operations, efficiency and effectiveness. Through routine monitoring and maintenance your IT provider will fine-tune your hardware, software and practices for better business, giving you all the support you need to take your company to the very next level through the technology you use.

  1. You’re facing the same IT issues again and again

Even the smallest IT issue has the potential to halt company operations in their tracks. With the right IT support provider however, IT problems shouldn’t disrupt the day-to-day running of your business. As well as preventing problems, your IT support technician should help you resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. If they don’t or you are experiencing recurring issues, then it could be time for a change.

  1. The support you receive doesn’t represent good value

We understand that every decision you make for your business has to make sense financially. The IT support you receive is just another business essential that should represent good value for your organisation.

  1. You’re receiving a ‘one size fits all’ package

No two businesses are the same, and neither is a company’s IT requirements. As a result, each support package should differ to ensure the needs of the business at its heart are fully catered for. Your IT support provider should get to know your business and the industry it serves to deliver the specific support it needs on a daily basis. If your IT provider has no understanding of your business needs and wider industry, how could they possibly supply the support you need to fulfil them?

  1. The support you need is difficult to access

Great IT support is all about customer service, and as a business, you want to rest safe in the knowledge that your provider is there for you whenever you need them. IT disasters after all strike when you least expect them making difficult to access IT support useless.

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