Protecting your business is no doubt important. Whatever the size or niche of your company, there are threats both online and off, dangers that could damage your reputation, steal your company and customer data, or even close your business’ doors for good. When safeguarding your company, its customers and the data you both hold dear online, your first line of defence is preparing the devices that you and your staff use day-in, day-out for better security. As well as adopting practices for iron clad password protection, installing anti-virus software and updating programs on a regular basis will safeguard your business from a wide range of cybersecurity threats.

It’s so easy to install anti-virus software, yet according to industry findings almost a quarter of PCs around the world remain unprotected. All devices, whether they are intended for business use, personal use or a bit of both, need anti-virus. Without it you could face the prospect of lost data, lost time and costly recovery. As an outsourced IT department for many businesses across the country, we make it our mission to provide the highest quality support and advice to companies big and small. Our service extends to delivering assistance in the face of IT emergencies as well as providing comprehensive disaster planning. Installing and updating anti-virus across all company devices is a vital part of the puzzle, but with so much software available how can you find the right anti-virus product for you? Read on to discover our top tips…

Look for the full package

There are a variety of anti-virus products available, including free and paid, but opting for the simplest form of protection isn’t always better. Selecting a product that delivers on more than just the anti-virus front is important. A selection of anti-virus software solutions provide invaluable email, attachment and document scanning to ensure those everyday office activities can be undertaken safely and securely.

Choose a multi-user licence

For those looking to satisfy the anti-virus requirements of their entire company, selecting a product with a multi-user licence is the best option. Multi-user licences not only come with fantastic discounts but can be installed on all the devices that your organisation utilises meaning a win-win for your company’s bottom line and cybersecurity credentials.

Access great customer support

Anti-virus software is becoming increasingly complex. It has to be to defend devices against the sophisticated threats being used by cybercriminals and other fraudsters. Knowing how to install your anti-virus software is one thing but keeping it up to date and functioning correctly for your company is whole different ball game. Ensuring that the anti-virus software you choose comes complete with a good level of easy to access support is therefore vital. In fact, good customer support will save your staff time and your company money whilst delivering effective protection across the board.

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