These days, thanks to round the clock representation online, businesses are no longer 9 ‘til 5. Business websites, and the service information or access to products that they facilitate, have to be available at all hours. Unfortunately, IT disasters aren’t restricted to office hours either. IT disasters come in all shapes and sizes. Hardware failures, software corruption, cyber-attacks, power outages and even natural disasters can all stop companies in their tracks and make it impossible for their customers to do business with them.

Whatever the type of IT disaster or whatever time it strikes, being prepared with the right out of hours IT support is important. In this blog post, we take a closer look at why out of hours IT support really matters to businesses looking to safeguard their company and customer assets.

What does Out of Hours Support Offer your business?

24/7 protection for your infrastructure

The most obvious reason why out of hours IT support really matters has to be the round the clock service you receive as a result from your IT support provider. 24/7 professional assistance comes as standard with out of hours services, with unlimited remote and helpdesk emergency support just some of the perks that can be experienced for a fixed fee. Out of hours really does mean out of hours, and you’ll receive this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Technical support that doesn’t let you down

Having leading technical support that you can call upon whenever you need it is vital, even if you have your own in-house IT department manning your infrastructure during office hours. With our out of hours support you can tackle any IT issue you face in real time thanks to professional and proven help. With our out of hours support you can receive the technical assistance and guidance required to guarantee unrivalled support, unlimited coverage, and unparalleled security.

Round the clock business intelligence

It’s not just you and your team that will be able to alert your IT support provider of any issue that occurs out of hours. Thanks to the use of automated alerting, your IT support supplier will be able to respond to and resolve problems as and when they happen. This level of business intelligence means issues can be rectified before downtime is even experienced in many cases.

Business intelligence isn’t just useful in emergency situations either. The information continuously gathered throughout your infrastructure can be used to inform how your IT system is managed and the associated support delivered. Service reporting is a vital part of the puzzle when providing the highest quality IT support service possible. Our team is on hand to analyse trends, anomalies and the overall health of your network, and use this data to define a support plan that’s unique to you.

Discover more about our dedicated 24/7 IT emergency cover or contact a member of our friendly and helpful team direct to discuss your out of hours requirements by calling 01536 216146.