When it comes to the management of any business that bottom line certainly matters. To be as successful as you can be in your chosen field, you must be profitable. Without the right management however, business costs can quickly cut into your profit margins. Your business’ IT costs in particular can put a major drain on profits. Technology is crucial to every company’s success these days, but you don’t have to cut these modern conveniences out of the equation completely to keep profits high.

Reducing your business IT costs doesn’t mean slashing the productivity and effectiveness of the infrastructure you currently have in place. Read on to discover the top ways to slash your IT costs for good, streamline and save money without cutting the tech your organisation relies on.

Get a handle on IT costs

Having a clear idea about how much the hardware, software, services and staff that are at the centre of your IT department cost you right now is the best place to begin. Ways to save money on your IT may be more obvious than you think so complete an inventory and review your entire infrastructure. Cost savings may be as simple as reducing the amount of applications you use or streamlining the number of devices your team calls upon.

Embrace all things virtual

Cloud computing unlocks several advantages for businesses everywhere. Its growth in recent years means the solutions available are more sophisticated, business-orientated and affordable than ever, the latter of which is great for your bottom line. As a cloud computing expert, we help our clients embrace the flexibility, cost effectiveness and efficiency of cloud computing to reap the rewards of a more secure, lower cost, easier to operate infrastructure.

Those looking to go even further with the virtual takeover may want to consider taking on a remote workforce. Remote working can cut a variety of running costs, with significant savings able to be made on office rent, internet and electricity to name but a few areas.

Save the planet and save money

Going green and reducing waste can have a variety of positive effects not just for the planet but for your business finances. Replacing devices with newer, more energy efficient models can pay dividends in the future. Keeping a handle on server cooling costs can also see you slash energy bills dramatically.

Outsource your IT support

Outsourcing your IT support to a specialist like us can result in numerous plus points, one of which is saving money. Outsourcing isn’t what it used to be. Now your outsourced team is an effective part of your in-house team providing unlimited help and advice around the clock and with immediate effect. Managing an IT team in-house is extremely expensive, with the average IT manager commanding a salary of up to £40,000 per annum. You can have all this support and experience without breaking the bank however by outsourcing your IT support.

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