Preparation is certainly the key to safeguarding your company against all the nasty characters and consequences of the cybercrime world. Yet creating an IT security plan and conducting regular audits of these detailed security measures is still not a priority for many businesses. According to an article by Small Business, 45% of small firms don’t have a cyber security plan in place for their company, a worrying statistic that will certainly be relished by cybercriminals out there. Further research revealed that just 14% of small businesses had formal cyber security incident management processes during 2017 leaving the remainder particularly vulnerable to cyber breach or attack.

Writing an IT security plan is a great start on your path to better business protection, the process is however one of the factors that deter businesses from taking their cyber security efforts to the next level. Devising an IT security plan of your own needn’t be hard work. With our help and the following expert tips, you can pen your first plan and improve your cyber resilience right away.

Get to know your infrastructure

How can you plan for full protection without first identifying which systems need security in the first place? Getting to know your IT infrastructure is an excellent place to begin and will help you develop a focused security plan that successfully protects your company assets and essential business data.

Discover more about cybercrime

As well as knowing what you need to protect, discovering more about what you are protecting your business from is important. There are countless cyber security threats out there, and with tactics getting increasingly sophisticated, these aren’t going away. The most common cyber-attacks and breaches were delivered by fraudulent emails during 2017. Viruses and malware also pose major threats to companies.

Look beyond your systems

When writing your very first IT security plan, it’s only natural to focus on the hardware, software, and devices that pose the most obvious risks. But with the latest research finding that undertrained employees present the biggest cyber security weakness, the most dangerous threat to your company and customer data could already be in your office. Cyber awareness is an integral part of IT security planning and subsequent cyber protection. Boost your defenses by making user education a part of your company’s culture.

Don’t just write it and forget it

Ongoing assessment is a vital part of IT security planning and even though this is your first plan, it certainly won’t be your last. The techniques and tools used by cybercriminals are evolving continuously. Ensuring your systems and wider organisation is taking the security precautions it needs to take the protect itself from the latest risks is essential.

Call in the professionals

You don’t have to write your IT security plan or conduct ongoing security risk assessment alone. It is highly recommended that you obtain advice and assistance from an IT support specialist to ensure you can fully understand and quantify the risks to IT within your business.

Let our IT specialists help, whatever stage of security planning you are at. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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