Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your company. As technologies evolve, practices change and your market needs progress ensuring your IT infrastructure keeps up is vital. An increasing number of companies are becoming savvier by managing their IT environment, experience and technology. IT infrastructure management gives you the control you need to better manage your business and provide an even better service to new and existing customers alike. Making smarter IT decisions matters, but where should you begin in managing, monitoring and improving the software, hardware and practices that make up your infrastructure?

Enlisting an IT support specialist like us to complete an audit of your infrastructure is the perfect place to begin. An IT infrastructure audit gives you the information and insights to do better business in this very modern, digitally focused and technologically driven world. Deemed the ultimate health check for your business technology and wider network, an IT infrastructure audit helps organisations of all sizes harness numerous advantages, many of which we’ll explore here…

Reduce your IT costs

Running your IT infrastructure can be costly without the right management. An IT infrastructure audit will give you the information required to make sound investment decisions and pave the way for an IT infrastructure that better complements your business objectives. With an IT infrastructure audit, you’ll learn more about the latest and greatest technology. You’ll also receive advice and recommendations to improve your infrastructure so it makes better financial and business sense.

Stay fully compliant

There are several rules and regulations that relate to the operation of your IT infrastructure. Yes, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) isn’t the only piece of legislation that UK businesses have to be aware of! Many businesses, even those with in-house IT departments, find it difficult to keep up with the latest. By commissioning an IT infrastructure audit you can make sure your systems and procedures are fully compliant with the most up-to-date legislation.

Here at Syntec Systems, we take the hard work out of staying compliant. Our audits are delivered with current regulations in mind to give you ultimate peace of mind.

Futureproof your IT

Your IT infrastructure should grow with your business and align with your corporate goals as they alter. Growth, expansion and acquisition are what running a business is all about, and your IT infrastructure should be able to support and facilitate these aims. With periodic assessment your IT infrastructure can be successfully upgraded with the latest technology and methods. In addition to identifying the strengths of your infrastructure, an audit will work to tackle your weaknesses whilst minimising the disruption that can be caused by outdated software, old hardware and ineffective practices.

Thanks to the improvements made as a result of the information gathered during your audit, you will be able to improve user experience, increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance your infrastructure as a whole.

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