The data you process, store and share every day is important to your business and its operations. Certain to be a mix of company and customer information, the data you hold is of a sensitive nature, and could in the wrong hands do considerable and even irreparable damage to your business. Keeping this data as secure as possible should be at the top of every company’s list of priorities as a result, particularly in light of the recently enforced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

According to IT Governance, 826 million data records were reported lost or stolen in 2017. Most of these data loss disasters were the result of a breach or cyberattack. Whilst it’s important to take steps to protect your business and its data from the breaches and attacks that result in data loss, having the practices in place to successfully recover is just as essential. Risks to business data may be everywhere, but backing up your data on a regular basis is one sure fire way to ensure recovery from loss is swift, whether that loss was the result of hacker attack or the product of a natural disaster. Cloud data backup is becoming extremely popular, with businesses looking for a virtual way to store the reams and reams of data that relate to their business and its customers.

How does cloud data backup work?

Cloud backup works in exactly the same way as cloud based storage does. The data is backed up to a remote, fully secure cloud-based server, which is accessible to authorised individuals within your company at any time and from a multitude of resources. Instead of being stored locally on a physical hard drive, cloud backed up data uses the internet and a storage service provider to secure data. As with cloud storage, cloud data backup unlocks a number of advantages for those looking for a simple and safe way to backup files.

What are the benefits of cloud backup?

Cloud data backup offers a variety of benefits for businesses of all sizes and niches. With the right cloud solution, cloud data backup is a reliable and easy to restore option that can be called on at any time and from any location.

Cloud data backup is also extremely cost effective and has the unlimited capacity to grow with your company at no or very limited extra cost. In addition to this, the data files backed up on the cloud can be transferred to an offsite data centre as securely as they were stored thanks to the encryption capabilities offered by the majority of cloud computing providers. This gives extra protection for your company and customer data against hacker attack.

Taking you to the cloud

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