About Syntec Systems

Syntec Systems are a specialist IT Company providing high-quality IT solutions to local companies in and around London. From IT consultancy to IT Procurement, our experienced technicians provide a variety of expert IT services to support business customers in the local area.

We use our own fully managed servers to enable us to provide a tailor-made IT support service that suits your needs and works with your budget. We offer all our IT support services across the UK, including London and surrounding areas. If you’re considering updating your business’s IT systems, switch IT management providers, or in the event of an IT emergency, don’t hesitate to contact our IT support specialists.

Infrastructure Audits

As an advanced provider of infrastructure audits to businesses of all sizes and niches in London, we understand more than most the importance of flexible and finely tuned infrastructure. Our infrastructure auditsprovide an extensive all-around health check for your computer systems and phone systems. Along with undertaking a full health check of your IT systems, we will ensure that we also recommend enhancements and solutions that will deliver complete results for your company in London.

If you are a small, London based business your server is one of the most important aspects of your infrastructure. At Syntec Systems we understand this, and our IT procurement services can help supply the best solutions for you.

Moving To The Cloud

With the use of cloud computing growing rapidly in recent years, more and more businesses in London are moving to the cloud. Whether it’s web-hosting, cloud backups, file sharing or cloud software, Syntec Systems IT Procurement services can provide IT solutions to make your move to the cloud as smooth as possible.

From hosted emails and remote backups to cloud storage and remote access IT solutions, our skilled team of technicians have experience in all areas of cloud computing leaving you to discover a cloud storage package that suits your business and yours alone.

Hardware Solutions

At Syntec Systems we provide high quality and professional network and cabling services for computer systems and phone systems. We are specialists in a large selection of networking services, specifically designed for businesses in London and surrounding areas. Syntec Systems can help deliver LAN and physical cabling, wide area networks (WAN), broadband, connectivity, security and telecoms, meaning you can build a complete IT solution.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right hardware for your business in London, and with the wide range of options available on the market today, selecting the right computer hardware to suit your business needs can be tricky.

We understand that sourcing the best quality and value IT hardware, IT software and IT services are paramount. That’s why we have partnered with several industry leading companies to ensure we can work with you to provide the best IT solutions to suit your London-based business and budget.

Data is invaluable to a company, and a loss of data can have a devastating impact on a small business. We offer backup services to business in London and surrounding areas, and provide secure and planned data backup that clients need to safeguard their business against data loss and failure.

We can also offer bespoke data backup solutions for IT systems and we use a mix of traditional and cloud-based IT to deliver IT solutions for the most diverse requirements.

At Syntec Systems, we understand that an IT emergency can be severely damaging to a local business, that’s why we provide a 24/7 IT emergency Support helpdesk service, with no prior contract required. Our 24/7 helpdesk serviceprovides round the clock IT Support to businesses in and around London experiencing an IT emergency.

Our mobile support team can assist you quickly and act responsively to IT emergencies based in London. The cost of employing a full time experienced IT team is particularly high. For many small to medium-sized businesses getting the experience, IT support, and IT services they require in-house is simply out of reach. Our mobile IT support team at Syntec systems, however can help you benefit from technical IT support and expert advice, whatever your needs or budget.

If you’re a local business based in London experiencing an IT disaster or IT emergency, Syntec Systems can provide emergency IT support, with no prior contract.

For those looking to enhance the use of third-party IT software, hardware and IT support services, our mobile team can provide a single point of contact for all your IT support requests. Our rapid response team and dedicated on-site assistance have resulted in huge cost and time-saving benefits for the companies we work with, so why not let us assist you with your IT emergencies?