Securing Your Digital Working Environment

Whilst cyber security threats are often the result of hacker and ransomware attacks, unbeknown to most businesses, the biggest cyber security threat could be in your office already. Human error is the number one cause of cyber security threats in the UK and the rest of the world. Whether the error occurs accidentally or not, insider mistakes result in untold damage for businesses of all sizes and niches.

According to IBM’s Cyber Security Intelligence Index, 6 out of 10 businesses reported that cyber-attacks were carried out by insiders. The study also found that 75% of insider attacks are the product of malicious intent. Unfortunately, the number of cyber-attacks carried out with inside help is on the rise, with vulnerabilities in the health care, manufacturing and financial sectors the most prevalent. We’re only human, and people get things wrong sometimes, but inside cyber security threats are still not something you should accept. After all, the smallest mistake can cause catastrophic damage not just to your IT infrastructure but the wider company and its reputation.

Read on to discover how you can achieve a more secure working environment digitally and reduce the inside cyber security threats that are putting a burden on UK businesses.

Understand your users

Not every instance of insider cybercrime is the result of malicious actions. Knowing the people that you entrust with the running of your company however is still important, particularly if they’re privy to sensitive business data. IT admins, executives, vendors and other at-risk employees should be monitored, and the security risks that crop up addressed as soon as possible.

Create a more secure culture

Education is the key to reducing IT security risks in any company, take ransomware attacks as an example. Ransomware have grown increasingly popular amongst cyber criminals and is now seen as an ‘easy way’ to infiltrate and profit from valuable company data. Most ransomware attacks are the result of human error, with employees an easy point of entry into the most secure of systems. All it takes an interaction with an email from an unknown source to start the ball rolling. The same applies to phishing scams.

To safeguard your company and its data, and close those employee loopholes for good, educate your workers on what phishing and ransomware correspondence may look like. Your employees then have the information they need to avoid the errors that could put your business at risk. Start with the basics; educating your employees about the creation of strong passwords is a great place to begin.

Let technology do the work for you

There are tons of great tools, many of which we use in the day-to-day and emergency IT support we provide. Software patches, tools to enforce better password protection and data collection are just a few of the tactics that can be used to educate your workers and protect your business from inside attacks.

If you need a helping hand creating a more secure digital environment at your company, our team can help. Our IT support and consultancy services offer a range of excellent options for educating employees and safeguarding businesses.

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