Should Small Businesses Focus on Cyber-Security?

With the majority of businesses delivering their products or services via an online outlet, keeping your brand safe on the net certainly counts. Technology is after all a wonderful thing but in the wrong hands, the digital benefits that are embraced by most modern day businesses carry a substantial amount of risk.

For small businesses in particular, the prospect of beefing up cyber security may not be a priority. As with medium sized enterprises and large corporations, cyber-attacks are very real threats, and serious ones at that. In this blog post, we reveal just some of the reasons why small businesses should focus on cyber security to protect their companies proactively both online and off.

Cybercrime affects a lot of small businesses

As a small business you may wonder why hackers would target your company over organisations that are more popular, profitable or sizeable. It is important to understand that cyber criminals don’t do what they do primarily for financial gain. Many want to hit businesses hard to steal data or to simply bring their operations to a halt.

In recent years, a vast number of small businesses have been specifically targeted, a fact that means businesses big and small must protect themselves against cybercrime. Whilst 7 out of 10 large businesses were hit by a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months according to the latest Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017, 52% of small businesses also experienced some form of cyber security breach during the same period. No business is safe, which makes taking a firm stance on cyber security and disaster recovery planning important.

Breaches could cost your business dear

Cyber breaches cost large businesses on average up to £20,000. The financial implications for a small business may not be as steep but are expenses that you shouldn’t have to foot the bill for. Businesses face a variety of recovery costs in the aftermath of an attack, including the cost of additional staff to handle the breach and recovery, and costs for the repair of equipment and the wider infrastructure. These costs can add up to a significant amount.

The cost of a single breach has doubled in the last two years for small businesses, which means the financial pressure that an attack would place on your company is only getting worse.

Cyber-attacks are preventable!

This is one of the main takeaways when discussing whether cyber security should be a priority for any business. With the right support and advice, the cyber security threats that close the doors of so many companies can be prevented. We help businesses of all sizes protect their brands online to ensure such breaches don’t have to be faced in the first place. There are also numerous steps your business can take in-house to safeguard your IT infrastructure, and the people, processes and devices at its heart.

For further information about how to improve cyber security measures for your small business, please get in touch with our IT support specialists now.

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