Your server is one of the most important aspects of your infrastructure, and we can supply the best solution for you.


Your choice of server in particular shouldn’t be taken lightly. Servers have the power to transform how businesses of all sizes and niches operate, unlocking a variety of advantages along the way. In addition to lower costs and improved efficiency, your server can help you manage multiple workloads with ease and take command of essential tasks, such as file sharing and data backup.

Thanks to our partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers of IT hardware, software and third party services, we guarantee the highest quality and greatest value PCs and servers around. Our close relationships with our preferred partners Dell and HP ensure proven and reliable results for our customers.

Top quality servers and desktop computers

With quality, reliability and robustness in mind, our specially sourced servers and desktop computers provide consistent, flexible and fit for purpose experiences for the businesses that we serve. Using more than 50 years of combined technical experience we are able to supply computers and servers from leading manufacturers that fulfil your specific requirements.

Storage solutions to suit you

You could have the very best kit in the world but without the right management the performance, reliability and serviceability of your computers and servers will quickly fall flat. Here at Syntec Systems, we not only procure the hardware you need but deliver storage solutions and backup facilities that work for you, and you alone.

We have experience working with a wide range of powerful and affordable network engines, each of which is ready and waiting to meet your current and future IT demands. We do however recommend that all servers are powered through an appropriate uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect hardware from damage in the event of power failures.

Looking for servers and network storage for your company? Call or email us for assistance and discover a complete solution for your needs.

All of our IT support services are offered across the UK, and our head offices are all based within Northamptonshire in Corby & Kettering. If you’re looking to switch IT management providers, or if you’ve had an IT emergency, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our IT support specialists.