Whether your business is large or small, niche or catering to widespread demand, your IT infrastructure is a vital part of operations. Your IT infrastructure has the power to unlock a vast number of benefits, from increased efficiency and better security to reduced costs and improved data management. Ensuring it is therefore reliable and responsive to your current business needs is important.

No IT infrastructure should be the same, in fact we specialise in unique IT solutions that are built for your business and yours alone. What system worked for your company when it first opened its doors may not be suitable now. Ensuring your IT infrastructure grows as your business does is vital to harnessing the advantages mentioned above and so much more, but what are the signs that say it’s time to upgrade?

Signs You Should Upgrade IT Infrastructure

You have concerns about security

With the GDPR deadline swiftly approaching all eyes are certain to be on your data management processes.

Ensuring maximum security of the data you hold and your wider system is, or should be, a priority for all businesses, whether technology plays an integral role in your business model or not. Old systems running even older software mean one thing – vulnerability. Upgrading your IT infrastructure to cater to your security requirements now is therefore important. Your hardware should be running the most up-to-date software and operating systems, a fact that security breaches of late continue to remind the business world of.

Your electricity costs are through the roof

Keeping a handle on the running costs of your business is the key to not just surviving but thriving, with lower costs meaning greater profits for all companies. One expense that is unavoidable in any business environment is energy. Yes, you can’t operate without it, but you shouldn’t settle for sky high energy bills either. Your IT systems will no doubt need a lot of energy, with ageing and inefficient equipment the main culprits of high electricity use. Upgrading your IT infrastructure and swapping old hardware for more current models could therefore be your key to lower energy bills.

Your office suffers A LOT of downtime

With recent news that downtime costs the UK manufacturing sector alone £180 billion a year, it’s easy to see the impact downtime has on business operations. Whilst your organisation’s infrastructure may not extend to machinery and other industrial equipment, any amount of downtime has a significant effect on productivity, which makes getting it under control and subsequently minimised important. Inconsistent hardware is another issue that can cause much downtime as well as see the rise of unnecessary costs.

Whether it’s server failures, slow software or connectivity issues that are getting you down, upgrading your IT infrastructure could be an excellent step forward and a push towards greater efficiency.

Your business isn’t future proof

Whilst we don’t know what the future will bring for your business, ensuring your IT infrastructure is as prepared as possible will ensure growth can always be on the agenda. New technologies bring a variety of benefits and will help you meet the demands of your market, avoid downtime and save money in one fell swoop.

Upgrading your IT infrastructure is easier than ever with help from our team. Our IT procurement services offer a complete solution to your upgrade needs. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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