Moving Your Business To The Cloud

Cloud computing has been a buzz term for a number of years now, and with more and more businesses embracing the wider use of technology company-wide, an increasing number of firms are looking closely at the benefits that moving to the cloud could bring. Cloud computing uses a network of remote servers hosted over the net to store, manage and process data, a far cry from the traditionally used solutions found via your local servers and personal devices.

Using the cloud, individuals and businesses can harness a more flexible, efficient and affordable computing solution, one that is easy to access from anywhere and completely scalable. As the cloud uses remote resources to manage data, hardware failures don’t have to slow you down whilst the cost of servers and other equipment is significantly reduced. Cloud computing offers many more great benefits for businesses of all sizes, and with cloud security more ironclad than ever, there’s simply no excuse not to manage your data virtually.

For those storing, managing and processing their data the traditional way, however, the move to the cloud can be particularly daunting. It doesn’t have to be though; here we reveal how to move your business to the cloud seamlessly, securely and successfully.

Plan for perfection

All great developments have a well-thought-out plan behind them, and the same sentiment should apply to your move to the cloud. Successful cloud migration, whether you’re moving your entire outfit to the cloud or part of your infrastructure, relies on the creation and fulfillment of short and long-term goals. With the help of your IT support advisors, make a realistic plan for migration and move your business onto the cloud with as little disruption to your company and its operations as possible.

Educate your team

A successful migration involves everyone, and those using your IT systems must be kept in the loop about how your infrastructure will be restructured. Before migration begins, hold a seminar or workshop to share what cloud computing is, how the proposed system will work, your plan for migration from your old to this new way of working, and what rewards will be reaped when the entire process is complete. Educating your team will increase buy-in and guarantee a higher adoption rate.

Throughout migration keep your team informed of updates. It’s also worthwhile to hold Q&A sessions to ensure any concerns can be resolved and any questions answered. Many may be worried about the security of data during migration. Ensure these concerns are addressed and their fears alleviated.

Use migration to your advantage

Migrating your data will take time, so why not use this time to reorder and consolidate the data that your company and its customers hold dear? Moving to a cloud-based system means you aren’t constricted by storage limits but getting rid of excessive data and overcomplicated structures will ensure your system can be used as efficiently as possible. Create a better, more relevant and reliable system that you and your employees can understand.

Need professional help to move your business to the cloud? Embrace all the benefits of cloud computing thanks to assistance from our IT support specialists. Get in touch today to discuss your options.

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