We recently gave you our top tips for protecting your business against ransomware attacks. But with the growing threat of cyber-attack affecting businesses big and small, the prospect of being the victim of a breach is more of a reality than ever. Ransomware is just one of the methods used by cyber criminals looking to gain access to the valuable data that your company and its customers hold dear. Whilst there are countless articles across the web detailing how you can protect yourself from attack, knowing what to do when a cyber security crisis does hit is just as essential.

As leading providers of IT support, disaster recovery is just one of the reliable, professional services that we provide. We have assisted companies of all sizes and niches in minimising downtime and disruption when both human-made and natural disasters strike. Here we reveal the steps you should take in the event of a cyber-attack so you can protect your brand and recover as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What Should Your Business Do After A Cyber Attack?

DON’T panic

It’s so easy to turn your business into a panic station in the event of a cyber-attack but keeping calm and carrying on is certainly the call of the day whichever type of breach you fall victim to. Cyber-attacks of course have horrific penalties for the companies they impact. Staying focused is important and will help you to not only handle the breach but fight back against its devastating consequences more effectively.

DON’T delay

Time is of the essence in the event of a cyber-attack, so be sure to dig out your disaster recovery plan as soon as the attack becomes apparent. Don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place? You’re not alone; just 27% of small businesses have a continuity plan in place according to recent research. Of these seemingly prepared businesses, 73% admit to not testing it in the last 12 months. If you are a business that doesn’t have a disaster recovery plan or has one but hasn’t tested it, don’t leave anything to chance. Devise a disaster recovery plan that works for your business in the current climate to ensure you are safeguarded whatever modern day hackers have to throw at you.

If disaster has already struck, remember that communication is vital to recovering post-cyber-attack. From key stakeholders and employees right through to your customers, making people aware of the situation and putting the steps that need to be taken for recovery into action should be a matter of urgency. These steps should see you identify and contain the breach, ensuring that any attack doesn’t have the chance to spread and shut down your entire system.

DO learn

After the breach has been pinpointed and remedied, recovery of affected business operations can begin. Use the breach as a learning experience, educating your employees and refining your processes to ensure the same method of attack can’t be used to infiltrate your business again. This reflective period offers the perfect time to detect additional vulnerabilities and close the loopholes that could make your company a target via other methods.

Need help recovering from a recent IT disaster or want to prepare your business for the worst? Enlist our experts today and become one step closer to a more protected brand.

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