With some 1.2 billion users relying on Microsoft on a daily basis, it’s easy to say that Office 365 is one of the most popular subscription services on the planet. As well as many individuals utilising Office 365 at home, the service is increasingly used throughout the business world with Outlook Mail, Calendar, People and Tasks providing essential support for companies of all sizes and niches. The latest statistics show that there are 60 million Office 365 commercial customers, and adoption rates are on the rise.

For the commercial clients we assist with our premium IT support service finding the right products for business use is only the beginning. Knowing how to utilise such tools and services in the best way possible to serve your business and its customers is after all essential. Read on to discover our best practice Office 365 tips and take steps towards even better IT operations.

Use collaborative tools to your advantage

For businesses serving all industry sectors, the power of their talented teams is one of the major factors that drives things forward. In addition to recruiting and nurturing the right talent at various levels, time must be spent sourcing and providing the right tools for their progression. There are a number of tools that help both in-house and remote teams fulfil their roles to the best of their abilities. One such tool is Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams helps teams of all sizes reach goals through file sharing and collaboration, removing the need for the manual distribution of documents. Microsoft Teams gives you and your team the means to view, edit and collaborate on Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in real time, meaning you can all work better together.

Streamline your entire IT infrastructure

Office 365 isn’t just a tool that you can set up and forget about. The user activity and adoption insights available through the Office 365 Admin Centre give you all you need as an organisation to streamline your IT infrastructure and wider business operations for greater success. With these activity reports you can see how software and services are being used as well as identify whether additional training is required within your team.

Tap into the features most don’t know about

The simplicity of Office 365 has made it the adaptable and easy to adopt success it is today but there are many hidden features that modern day commercial users simply don’t know about. From Office 365 CoAuthoring – where multiple users can edit a document at the same time and in real time – to in-document Skype chat, which gives users the opportunity to continue the conversation via Skype as changes are being made, there are countless features that are overlooked. With a little training however you can tap into all the features that will make your business IT systems as finely tuned as they should be.

Take your business to the cloud

Cloud computing is no revelation, neither is Microsoft’s cloud-based OneDrive app. Those looking to unlock all the benefits of cloud computing still aren’t using Microsoft 365 to their advantage however. OneDrive for Business provides an endless supply of storage that will grow and adapt with your company. It’s not just OneDrive’s storage capabilities that are key. Users can browse, share and manage files directly from the app, whether they’re in the office, working from home or on the go.

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