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SOLVED! Canon IR and IRC Printer Errors E000024 and E000025

We experienced this issue with a Canon IR C2380, however these error codes are fairly generic for Canon laser printers. The early Canon IR C2380’s had this issue a lot, it is caused by toner dropping through from the toner compartments to the section below containing toner sensors and wiring. The toner can either block the sensors or short them out. Canon later released a modification for the printer to stop the toner from being able to fall through to this section, which in turn resolved the issue permanently for machines with the modification installed. It is important to note that this fault should technically be logged as E000024, however in some cases it is known to display the error code E000025 (which was the case for us), however this fix could still apply.

You will need to clear the toner build up from the sensors to resolve this issue, I have included instructions and pictures for how to do this on the Canon IR C2380.

1. Turn off machine and unplug power

2. Open front toner section cover (as indicated in below picture)


3. Remove the waste toner bottle


4. Remove the 3 screws securing the plastic cover just below the toner cartridges. See picture below of the location for all 3 screws.

First screw is to the left of the plastic cover, easy to spot.

The second screw is to the right of the black toner cartridge, you will need to remove a plastic cover which then reveals to the screw just next to the black handle which can be seen in the picture below.

The third screw is below the cover in the section where the waste toner bottle used to be. You can see the location of the screw in the picture below.

5. Remove the plastic cover exposing some wiring and an electrical board below the toner cartridges.


6. Clean out the entire section of any toner. You need to clear all toner from the sensors which are located just under the toner cartridges behind the wiring – It is recommend to use compressed air to blow around the entire top section and clear all toner.


7. When you have given the section a good clear out, reassemble the machine and power it on for a test print. Should the print go through fine without displaying an error then this solved your problem.

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