Our portal, a bespoke development for Syntec Systems, allows our customers and technicians to standardise and track all IT procedures and requests.

Syntec has granular control to create custom forms for every customer, tailored to their specific business requirements.

Below we have included some screenshots of new portal system which will be released to replace our legacy system soon.

We have the ability to create a form / procedure tailored to your exact requirements using our form builder

form builder 2

We can drag and drop items from our sidebar (shown above) to create form and procedure layouts in minutes (shown below).

form builder 1

Our customers can view a list of forms assigned to them
The permission structure is completely granular and allows us to assign a different set of forms to individual employees, groups or customers.

form list view 1

Our customers can select a form to complete
Progress of forms is automatically saved, so incomplete forms can be completed at a later date, completed forms can be submitted directly to Syntec Systems for processing.

form viewer 1

As well as ensuring our customers have the same, easy to use and efficient experience every time, the standardised IT portal also ensures that procedures are well documented, completed correctly in the first instance and significantly faster to be processed.

A specialist IT Company based in Corby, Northamptonshire, Syntec Systems provide expert IT Solutions and IT Support services to businesses in the local area. Syntec Systems specialise in IT Management, IT Consultancy and IT Procurement, and their experienced technicians also offer a 24/7 helpdesk service to help resolve untimely IT Issues for all businesses with no prior contract.